UX Designer


App to help travelers to discover new locations to visit around the world.

Project Overview

The Product

App for users between the ages of 20-30 who travel frequently and are in search of new adventures, to enable them to discover new locations to visit around the world.

Project Duration and Status

  • June 2021

  • Concept design

Role and Responsibilities

  • Lead Visual Designer

  • Wireframing and high-fidelity visual design


Wireframe Sketches

I began with a competitive analysis of other travel apps in the market, and then got to work on sketching wireframes.

Mobile App Sketches

Mobile App Sketches


Branding and Visual Design

Understanding that travelers are looking for adventure and experiences across the world, I wanted the location images to be the focal point of the design and curated a minimalist aesthetic grounded in recognizable UI patterns. Infusing contrast with one primary color that I sprinkled throughout, I selected a sanserif font with a tall x-height to create clean, easily legible copy throughout the design.

I also ensured that the design is accessible, with clear layouts and distinct buttons, menus, and calls to action. I centered the design around the travel images, leveraging color and contrast, and visual hierarchy to guide users through the desired flow.

TravelBug Mobile App Mockups

TravelBug Mobile App Mockups

Wireframe Sketches

Next, I got to work on sketching the desktop landing page, moving swiftly to digital design.

Desktop App Sketches

Desktop App Sketches

Desktop Mockups

I carried the brand identity and design elements over to the desktop design, making it easy to navigate, with the goal of enticing the user to sign up for the newsletter to stay connected with the app.

TravelBug Desktop Landing Page Mockup

TravelBug Desktop Landing Page Mockup

Lessons Learned

Create Visual Interest

When I originally began sketching, the popular destinations and experiences section cards were all the same size. User feedback revealed that the lack of differentiation meant that experiences section was being ignored. To draw interest, I doubled the size of the experiences cards, and saw that users immediately gravitated to them.

Highlight Visual Assets

My goal was to let the visual assets shine and use them to pique the interest of the user. This meant keeping copy and other design elements to a minimum.

Simple Copy

To reduce the cognitive load on the user and guide them effectively through the app, I used minimalist and simple copy and call-to-action (CTA) buttons.